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"I believe in helping each person manifest true happiness and fulfillment through spirituality."

- Lilly Rose

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Lilly has completed both card reading and Spiritual Release therapy (SRT) on myself and my twin flame! The reading provided so much clarity on my situation! The sessions that were completed for SRT provided such a breath of fresh air to allow me to move forward with my healing process for both me and my twin. She is the best. I would recommend any of her services to anyone who is interested and wants to have a warm and compassionate person to assist with soul development and growth! Don't wait to book the session today!                   - A G

Lilly Rose is such a gentle Mentor. I was a part of a Spiritual Course that introduced me to my Spirit Guides. This course also taught me how to strengthen my intuition, and other gifts. Through the course and hearing her readings on YouTube, I trusted to request personal readings about my journey. Lilly Rose gave clarity with great advice. Some of the obstacles, I wouldn't have faced had I not had her advice which would have caused major delays. My results from her advice ushered in great growth and joy. I am grateful for this connection.                            - S G

I met Lilly when I took her Meet Your Guides class and found her so helpful and insightful that I signed up for 1:1 coaching. My work with Lilly has changed my life; the investment in myself helped me learn to set healthy boundaries, listen to my intuition, and make clearer sense of the twin flame journey.           - Amy

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Absolutely wonderful to work with. From the readings to the personal coaching, I can confidently say that since working with Lilly Rose my life has taken a complete turn and I’m now living out my soul’s purpose. I can’t express how grateful I am to have met her.

                                        - C L

Lilly Rose has guided me through some of the most challenging parts of my spiritual journey. I really don’t know how I would have coped without her wisdom, support and encouragement to become more and more fully my authentic self on all levels of being. While working with her, I have come into conscious knowing of my true spiritual identity, purpose and more balanced union with my twin flame. I am forever grateful for you and your loving guidance, Lilly Rose 🌹✨💕            - M F

Dear Lilly, I want to express my gratitude for the sacred conversations held every time we had a session. Remembering my first session with you, I felt as though we were long-time friends as soon as we started talking. Thank you so very much for your insights, enthusiasm, and generosity of time. From the bottom of my heart, you are such a lightworker and healer, and I can’t thank you enough. Money spent to see you is money well spent. I leave happy and energetic all the time. You are so rare. Beaming love, light and an abundance of gratitude. Thanks again. I look forward to future sessions with you.   Much love!

                                                - T M

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