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Clear Yourself or Your Person

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What is Spirit Release Therapy (SRT)?

Spirit Release Therapy is a remote therapeutic intervention that focuses on the spiritual aspects of physical, emotional and mental health care. Everyone gets compromised by negative or low vibrational entities and energies from time to time especially if a robust spiritual practice has not been established.  Please include name(s) date of birth(s) and city using the order form after checkout.

For SRTs within a 24hr delay, you may click on the Emergency Fee below in

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What to Expect

Your SRT report comes in the form of an audio recording of a "facilitator" and a "medium" who connects with their guides in order to clear the person or the couple. Since 2 persons may be needed (not always necessary), SRT scheduling may take longer than 72hrs (a 5 - 7 day turnaround should be expected).

Spiritual attacks, black magic and lifestyle factors may also contribute to client vulnerability as activities such recreational drug use, the use of some prescription medications, hostile environments, toxic situations and emotional instability also contribute to compromising your aura which is your first line of psychic defense.

SRT may be purchased for oneself or for a loved one or for a couple. Results are not guaranteed as each individual case is different. Some people are "freed" immediately and some may need more than one session.

SRT can be done once per month or once every 2 weeks for better results, but should always leave time for the healing process to continue as the effects of SRT can go on for weeks.


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There is a strict NO REFUND policy applied to all services as these are custom goods.

Readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. Make sure that you are in a mentally and emotionally stable place to receive whatever the outcome may be. Abuse of ANY kind is strongly condemned. There is a 50/50 chance that the outcome may not be what you thought. You should to prepare yourself for this eventuality before choosing this service.  

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