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Ground the gold - Astrology in May !

Updated: May 17

May is the month for grounding and money:

A gold bubble in the grass in the early morning light.
A gold bubble in the grass

May always seems to be the month of grounding, fertility, gardening and finances! There's a lot to get done in such a short space of time and sometimes we may feel overwhelemed by all the activity that this month usually brings. We may be struggling to meet the demands that keep coming in from all directions... The universe is calling on us to look within and sever any bonds and ties that are keeping us stuck during this time. Cut any chains or unnecessary filters that are preventing us from getting ourselves organized and making progress towards the goals that we set out in the beginning of the year. How about taking up the challenge to get in better shape and health, practice some minfulness meditations, get the flower beds ready and find the courage to streamline your finances? This is the ideal time to recognize the golden ticket that's right under our nose, it's just waiting for us to unleash our potential ! The universe is endless and bountiful, so take advantage of this season to dare to ask...then be ready to receive your heart's desires through work, dedication and manifestation !

Dealing with Transformational Changes

When handling difficult times of transition we should put into practice some 3D solutions to calm our nerves and fears. This may come in the form of strategizing and planning. We may also feel the need to set new goals and deadlines to find a sense of purpose and meaning.

Some clients tend to do a quick overview of the possible outcomes for everyone closely involved or impacted by these changes. They establish priorities and work with a scale of importance to help them get ahead and make accelerated progress.

Many choose to learn new skills, to level up and prepare sufficiently for any eventual problems that may arise. However, a daily practice of consulting with your Spiritual Team is usually required to validate and cement most of these actions.

If you are struggling and would like some help in navigating these times, feel free to check out my Life & Relationship Coaching services for any guidance you may need.

Tips for Grounding

A woman's barefoot stepping in a field of daisy flowers.
A barefoot stepping in a field of flowers.
  • Walk barefooted

  • Do conscious breathing

  • Eat slowly

  • Practice sports

  • Laugh a little

  • Sing and dance for fun

  • Get a massage

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